The chemistry laboratory is a spacious lab established in 1985. A wet laboratory, air conditioned instrumentation lab and a research lab. All the labs are well ventilated and the working tables are made of fire resistance tiles. Beside this there is a separate and spacious preparation and balance room. A staff room with computer, internet and print facility. The chemistry lab is well equipped with reputed brand of chemicals, borosil grade of laboratory glass wares and all the modern electronic instruments Required for the smooth conducts of practical’s both at under and Post Graduate levels. The laboratory has a first Aid Kit box and fire extinguishers. The laboratory staff is devoted to their task, experienced, hard working and innovative. They have a deep desire to develop their skills. They are trained in the servicing, calibration and maintenance of equipments. They have ample knowledge to give first Aid and operate fire Extinguisher s. Material safety data sheets (MSDS) is kept in the laboratory for reference. Fume cupboards are used by students to capture and remove air-borne hazardous substance generated during laboratory experiments (e.g. gasses, vapors, aerosols and particulates /dust). Each student is allotted an individual locker with a tray containing all the basic laboratory glass wares and other essentials such as tong, porcelain dish, wire gauze, clay pipe triangle etc. required for their practical’s during the academic year. They are trained to carry out the experiments using micro scale analysis techniques. Posters on laboratory safety are displayed in the lab to create a sense of awareness among students. A panel of six highly qualified experienced and devoted teachers to guide and nurture their dreams and develop keen interest in the subject of chemistry so that they face the competitive world with self confidence.