B.Sc. in Physics is a rigourous three-year programme designed to train students to become scientists. A three-year sequence in mathematical physics supports courses in classical mechanics, electromagnetic theory, thermodynamics, optics, quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, and solid-state physics. Theory courses are reinforced by labs. Physics is complemented by pure mathematics, electronics, and chemistry.

The graduate teaching and labs are well developed. The degrees offered by the department have reputations and values in different circles of life. Students are getting jobs in industrial and academic institutes of the country and abroad. The department has sufficient number of well qualified academic staff. They teach even M. Sc. Course.

Though the pressure of tests and projects cannot be denied, it is not relentless – there is time enough for discussion and dreaming, for participation in extra-curricular activities, and for fun and fellowship.

The department has taken Two Minor Research Projects of Mumbai University.
1. Effect of magnetic water on Indian Crops.
2. Solar Cell.

Teachers also guide on various projects for Avishkar of Mumbai University.