Parent-Teacher Association

Committee Members (2016-17)
Mrs. Vandana Joshi (Convenor)
Dr. Rajendra Chaudhary
Mrs. Shailaja Shetty
Mr. Paul Raj
Mr. Damarwala Oan Abbas
Mr. Mukhtar Khan
Mrs. Seha Dange
Ms. Huma Sayed
Ms. Samana Rizvi
Mr. Zaidi Zari Haider

Parent-Teacher Association is a forum formed at the beginning of each academic year where parents and teachers work as a team. This forum provides a platform through which they communicate their opinion and concerns regarding the institution and their wards – and then work together for the educational and moral wellbeing of the student. This association works throughout the year to monitor and enhance the progress of their ward.
Most parents feel that once their child enters a college, their ward has gone for higher education and hence their responsibility ends. They then do not feel the need to visit the College of their ward to monitor his/her progress. It is here that the Parent Teacher Association, with the support of the Attendance and Mentoring Committee, plays a valuable role in providing guidance and support, both to the student and his/her parent.
This Association organizes two official meetings in each academic year – one in each semester, to complete this joint responsibility. Each year, in the second meeting, parents fill the feedback form on various aspects of the college as well as on curriculum provided by the university for their wards. Both the aspects of feedback are analysed and we are constantly working to provide the best learning environment to their wards.

This Association organizes two official meetings in each academic year – one in each semester to complete this joint responsibility.

In 2015-16, the first Parent Teachers meet was organised on SATURDAY 12th September,2015. Messages were sent to all parents via SMS. Each class mentor was available in his/her respective class to meet the parents from 9.25 m onwards. This meeting was successful as parents came in large numbers to discuss the attendance/performance of their child. If any student/parent had any query/suggestion/complaint – this was discussed in detail and a mutually acceptable solution was found. Most parents expressed surprise and appreciation that such meeting are held in a College and expressed eagerness to visit the College again.
In the second term, Parent Teachers Meeting was held on SATURDAY, 30th January, 2016. Once again information about this meeting was sent through SMS. Parents gathered in large numbers as we had two special guests to address the m regarding the youth of today.

As always this meeting began with a Prayer recitation by Dr Abbas Rizvi. Ms. Huma warmly welcomed the parents for this meeting while the welcome address was given by Dr(Mrs) Anjum Ara Ahmed, Vice Principal who informed the parents about the rules of attendance. She wanted parents to check the contact number given on the admission formed filled by their wards so that it becomes easier for the college to contact them.

The first speaker was Mrs Shailaja Shetty, HOD, Philosophy Department of our College. She is a Yoga instructor in ‘Advance Yoga’ Appointed as an Executive President of Women’s Cell by National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi she felt today’s generation is very positive and capable of taking its decisions. They know much more than us because of the information burst available to them at the click of a button. They want time and attention from us – they feel ignored – many youngsters feel we give instant attention to our mobiles but often ignore the call from our children. It is this behaviour that leads them astray and they go elsewhere to seek attention. Technology has given them information, social networking but they want love and recognition from parents. They want parents to respect their individuality, give them a chance to make their choice and yet be with them as their support. The world is changing very fast and if we do are not able to change we will lost contact with our children. She urged the parents to understand their children and be their mentors.

It was indeed a pleasure to listen to our ex-student KA Dodhiya, a senior journalist with years of experience of writing on educational issues. In one of his recent essays on suicides by students – he mentioned that students of IIT-Mumbai have identified peer and parental pressure as one of the main causes. Parents need to be sensitized to the fact that distractions have increased multi fold yet they need support to deal with peer pressure. Failure can be looked at in two ways – better to look at it as a stepping stone to better work. Counselling is required is a parent notices that his child gets distracted very easily and behaves rashly. He agreed that we cannot do away with these distractions and pressures but parents can become alert and notice changes in their ward, then support them before they become victims to failure and pressures.

Both our eminent speakers were introduced by Dr Ashfaq Karim, convenor – attendance and mentoring committee. He also explained to the parents the details on the feedback form which they had to fill and return. Parents’ submitted their feedback form duly completed giving suggestions on how to improve the College. This year the parents were also asked to give their views on the ‘Curriculum prescribed by the University’ for their wards

The Parent Teacher Association ties to be bridge between the students and the college and works towards finding amicable solutions to problems. We appreciate the mentors for their active participation and thank Dr Ashfaq Karim for his assistance. We thank the parents for their active participation. and are always grateful to the Management and our Principal Dr MZ Farooqui for his guidance and support.