Attendance & Mentoring Committee


    1. To motivate the students to attend lectures and Practical's by regularly displaying their attendance records in their classes.
    2. To ensure close coordination between Mentors and students so that mentors are able to act as a friend, philosopher and guide to the student.

Committee members :
Mr. Ashfaque Karim – Convenor
Dr. (Mrs) Anjum Ara Ahmad - Vice- Principal

Courses Incharge:
Mr. Ali Ahmad – B.Sc. (Comp.Sci.)
Mr. Arif Patel – B.Sc. (I.T.)
Mr. Anand Deshpande – BMS
Ms. Huma Syed – BMM
Ms. Sabiha shaikh – BAF
Ms. Mahvash Sayed – BBI

Class Incharge:
Mrs. Vandana Joshi – S.Y.B.A – Incharge
Mrs. Shaikh Shahida – F.Y.B.A
Dr. Abbas Alam Rizvi – T.Y.B.A

Dr. (Mrs) Ansariya Rana – T.Y.B.Sc – Incharge
Mr. Damarwalla Abbas – F.Y.B.Sc
Dr. Rajesh Gowda – S.Y.B.Sc

Dr. Parhad Dattaray – F.Y.B.Com (B) – Incharge
Dr. N.P. Srivastava – F.Y.B.Com (A)
Mrs. Bhaswati Parasar – F.Y.B.Com (C)
Mrs. Preeti Bambolkar – F.Y.B.Com (D)
Mrs. Malan Zardi – F.Y.B.Com (E)

Dr. (Mrs) Syed Shadab – S.Y.B.Com (C) – Incharge
Mr. Roshan Khobragade – S.Y.B.Com (A)
Dr. Ashfaq Khan – S.Y.B.Com (B)
Mr. Mukhtar Khan – S.Y.B.Com (D)

Mrs. Shehnaz Khan – T.Y.B.Com (B) – Incharge
Mrs. Swati Vora – T.Y.B.Com (A)
Mrs. Savita Sanoj – T.Y.B.Com (C & D) (Accountancy)
Mrs. Seha Dange – T.Y.B.Com (C & D) (Management)

Activities of the Committee:

    1. Appointment of a mentor for each class from among the existing teaching faculties.
    2. Maintaining the attendance record and displaying it in every class at the beginning of the month for the previous month.
    3. Mentoring and advising students on a variety of issues.
    4. Directing the students to professional counseling services of Internal as well as external counselors provided by the college.
    5. Co-ordinating the collection of feedback data from parents and students.
    6. Co-ordinating with the PTA on a range of issues including conduction of PTA meetings.
    7. Liasoning with the college counseling cell.
    8. Co-ordinating with the IT department in sending attendance related SMS's to students and parents.
    9.  Electronic attendance system has been initiated in the academic year 2015-16 along with the manual attendance system. The electronic attendance system facilitated SMS's were being sent on a daily basis to the parents on the number of lectures attended by the students on that day. In future the electronic attendance may totally replace the manual attendance.