Science & Nature Club

Committee Members (2016-17)

Degree College
Dr. Nitesh Joshi – Convenor
Dr. Mrs. Ansariya Rana

Junior College
Mrs. Pushpa Bhinde – Convenor
Mrs. Shabana Ansari

Activities 2010-14
Students of F.Y.B.Sc  & S.Y.B.Sc visited Matheran on 5th Feb 2011.They saw various species of birds & flowers. The students visited Powai lake on 10th Sept 2011. They identified various flora & fauna . They visited Sanjay Gandhi National park on 6th Sept 2011 and saw various species of flora & fauna.
The students of F.Y.B.Sc  & S.Y.B.Sc  & T.Y.B.Sc visited Lonavala on 23rd Nov 2011. They saw different types of birds & various types of plants.
The students of F.Y.B.Sc  & S.Y.B.Sc  & T.Y.B.Sc visited National Park on 10th July 2012.
In all 150 students of F.Y.B.Sc  , S.Y.B.Sc  & T.Y.B.Sc visited Sanjay Gandhi National Park on 6th July 2013.They went through Shilonda Trail and the visitor’s centre was seen by the Students. Several  local flora & fauna were seen.
Students from F.Y.B.Sc, S.Y.B.Sc  & T.Y.B.Sc visited Vishnu baugh at Badlapur on 28th August 2013.They saw  flora & fauna.They also saw different types of Bird nest, mimicry in Butterfly . A movie was also shown where they had an opportunity to see bird mimicry and learn & recognize bird sound. Also various types of plants, flowers and trees were shown to them.
Students from all the 3 classes also visited Lonavala on 13th Feb 2014. A bus was booked for this purpose. The trip was a great success as Tiger Hill and endemic plant species , various types of butterflies and insects were sighted.

The nature club of Rizvi college enrolled 56 students from different classes this year. The following activites were carried out:-
1. EXCURSION TO ASANGAON: A two days three nights botanical excursion to Asangaon forest was undertaken along with the Botany, Rizvi college. The area is a dense forest with the river Vaitarna flowing along it side. More than 45 students attended the excursion which was undertaken in the month of September 2015. The camp was oganised with experts in the field of ornithology and taxonomy.
2. Botanical excursions to the Rani baug (Jijamata udyan) a zoological garden in the month of January 2016,
3. Sanjay Gandhi National park in August
4. Excursion to Maharashtra nature park.

A tree awareness drive was carried out in collaboration with Botany Dept of Rizvi College. The drive was carried out by FYBSc and SYBSc students in the form of pictorial representations. More than 100 exhibits of important trees of India were displayed and the exhibiton was well attended.
Experts in the field gave talks in the year- Dr Parvish Pandya on biodiversity, Sanjay Monga on bird watching, Dr. Meenakshy Vaidya on bottle garden.
The students carried out an water conservation drive in the college and displayed poster in the topic at various locations.

Dr. Nitesh Joshi
Dr. Ansariya Rana