Rizvi college of Arts, Science & Commerce offers Programme of M.Sc by Research of University of Mumbai in the area of Chemistry.
The course structure, eligibility and selection criteria is as per University of Mumbai norms. 
The coaching for course work and the doctoral thesis work is done at the Institute under the able guidance of the Ph.D. guide Dr. Shamsul Hussain And Dr. Rajendra Chaudhary. The Institute offers excellent research facilities in terms of statistical packages, online databases, online journals, etc. 

The current details of the Ph.D. program are as given below

Sr. No. Name of Person Details of Subject Appointed by No of Students Sanctioned No of Students Registered Name of the Students Registration Date of each student Completed/ Ongoing
1 Dr Shamshul Hussain Approved M.Sc. & Ph.D. guide in Chemistry University of Mumbai 4 M.Sc. Mr. Sanaullah Ehsanullah
Mr. Sushant Ganesh 07/30-11-12 Ongoing
Ms. Sayyed Fjah 01/23-11-11 Completed
Mr. Nagvi Zashnk 02/26-12-11 Ongoing
5 - - - -
2 Dr Rajendra Chaudhary Approved M.Sc. & Ph.D. guide in Chemistry University of Mumbai 5 - - - -


For further enquiries related to Admissions contact the college Administrative office
Tel : 022 26480348
Email : info.asc@rizvicollege.edu.in