Foundation Course

Foundation Course subjects are common to all the branches of B.A./B.Com./B.Sc. programmes offered at Rizvi College under University of Mumbai. This department tries to create the genral awareness of the surrounding in which we live. To acquaint oneself with people, area, region, country, continents, political scenario in general, social change, etc.

Also it includes the effective communication as one of the component in the subject. It lays emphasis on it, because the ability to communicate is the primary factor that distinguishes human beings from animals. And it is the ability to communicate well that distinguishes one individual from another.

Today, effective communication skills has become a predominant factor even while recruiting employees. While interviewing candidates, most interviewers judge them on the basis of the way they communicate.

Department encourages the students to take part in extra-curricular activities, NSS and NCC.

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Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.A (Urdu literature), PhD (Univ. of Mumbai), UGC- NET
Experience (in years): 10
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Assignments for Academic Year 2016 - 2017
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Dr. Syed Shadab Akhtar SYBSc A III & IV Foundation Course II Download
Dr. Syed Shadab Akhtar SYBSc(CS) A III & IV Foundation Course II Download