The sociology Dept. Of the college was established under the leadership of Dr. Nasiruddin then Principal and Head of the Dept. (1990-92). His initiative was successfully taken forward by the following faculties.

Dr. P. S. Vivek(1992-1999)
Mrs. Sunita J. Varghese(1993-2002)
Mrs. Hasina. Shaikh(1999-2002)
Ms. Mariyah Gour-Ghori(2001-till date)
Ms. Kishwar Panna(2002-2003)
Ms. Muneera Khambawala(2003)
Ms. Simple Bhatia(2003-2004)
Ms. Karen Pires-Miranda(2004-2005)
Ms. Shahida Shaikh(2005-till date)

Since its inception Dept. has succeded in carrying its legacy of combining text with context to enhance better understanding of the subject and also to provide relevent experiences direct from the field by means of engaging students in various activitis through organizing seminars, workshops, conferences, competitions, educational tours and field visits.

It aims at developing objectivity for analytical understanding of everyday life. Students not only learn to study ones own culture but are also encouraged to study others culture to foster the spirit of multicultrulism and to contribute to the pluralistic ethos of Indian society.

An exemplery effort is being taken to inculcate the global perspective through sociological imagination which would mould them to be a responsible citizen so that they can act as an agent of change in improving the social ties in society.

Faculties in the Dept:

  • Prof.Mariyah Gour Ghori
    MA.NET & SET.
    Head, Dept. of Sociology & Convener, WDC
    Exp: 15 yrs
  • Prof. Shaikh Shahida
    MA.NET & SET.
    Asst. Prof & Convener, DLLE
    Exp: 10 yrs

Our Star performers:

Year Name of the Student Entry(%) TYBA
2010-11 Shaikh Misbah   65.16%
2011-12 Naik Sadaf 58% 72.67%
2012-13 Misbah Shaikh 74.33% 72.5%
2013-14 Akash Mishra 54% 78%
2014-15 i) Qureshi Ateqa 58% 82.75%
  ii) Shaikh Nusrat 54% 81.83%
2015-16 i)Avishkar Salvi 62% 82.33
  ii) Naina Thorat 73% 76.75%
  iii) Jasmine Shaikh   75.75%


Famous Alumnis:

  • Zia Khateeb
  • Fahar Baghdad
  • Akhtar
  • Zoheb
  • Kalim Khan
  • Mubeen Aslam
  • Faique Ansari
  • Momina
  • Rehan Hajate
  • Rashid Qureshi
  • Aazam
  • Misbah
  • Rohit Thorat
  • Aamir
  • Amjad
  • Aahash Mishra
  • Ateqa Qureshi
  • Avishkar Salvi
  • Naina Thorat
  • Jasmine Shaikh

Degree College



Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.A, UGC-NET and SET
Experience (in years): 15
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Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.A, UGC-NET and SET
Experience (in years): 10
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Seminar/Workshops/Guest lectures

Sr.No Date Activity Remark
1. 6th Sept, 2010 Talk on “Women and Law”. To sensitized the students about legal rights embodied in Indian Constitution.
2. 6th Jan, 2011 “Save Snake Save Nature”. Teachers as well as students attended programme.
3. 8th Feb, 2011 “Exhibition Career Chart”. The Departments of Urdu and Sociology organized a Career Guidance programme on “Exhibition career chart”. Around 250 students attended.
4. 26th July,2011 Debate “India Against Corruption”. Organized in collaboration with Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Contemporary Studies.
5. 21st Oct, 2011 Guest Lecture by Connie Glaser, Worlds top expert on women’s leadership and diversity. “Kiplinger’s Magazine”. Organized in Collaboration with American Centre.
6. 16th Nov, 2011 Guest Lecture on “Gender and Work”. By Kanika Chaudhary honorable Ambassador of Philadelphia to India.
7. 10th Dec, 2011 Poster Exhibition, Film Screening and discussion by Meena Gopal-Feminist Sr. Lect in SNDT. Organized in collaboration with Aagaz Foundation.
8. 14th Sep, 2013 Organized a Talk on “Cyber Security for Girls”. Mr. Rakshit Tondon Well known Cyber Security Expert.
9. 15th Dec 2014 Talk on CYBER CRIME AND CYBER SECURITY BY Sachin dedhia Around 100 students attended.
10. 19th Aug 2015 Workshop on “Survey Method” Conducted by Ms.Arwa-Research Assistant to Dr.Vivek. Followed by conducting a Survey on “National Survey of Spitting Behaviour in India.”
11. 1st Sep 2015 Inter-collegiate workshop “Know Your Rights” Organized by L.S Raheja College & Majlis
12. 17th Dec 2015 Workshop on “Stone Age” Organised by Dept. of Extra Murial Studies
18 students with Prof. Mariyah and Prof. Shahida participated
13. 8th-9th Jan 2016 U.G.C sponsored Two Days National Conference on ‘Application of Statistics in Commerce, Economics and Social Sciences Over 126 papers were presented by participants across the country.
Prof. Mariyah begged the 1st prize in paper presentation foe her paper on “Commercial surrogacy in India”
14. 24th Feb 2016 Short Films & Documentary Short films and documentaries were screened for the student followed by discussion
15. 12th March “Tabiyat” Medicine and Healing in India Group of 10 students along with Prof. Mariyah attended the workshop to
enhance the understanding on significance of “Sociology of Health” at Prince of Wales Museum

Name of Eminent Guests/ Famous personalities who visited the department

  1. Dr. A. L Sharda(Director Population First)
  2. Dr.P. G Jogdand (Former Head, Dept. Of Sociology and Dean, Faculty of Arts, University of Mumbai)
  3. Dr. P. S Vivek (Associate Prof. University of Mumbai)
  4. Advocate Jamila Damani( High Court)


Innovative Practices of the department
Field Visits/Educational Tours (if any)

Sr. No Date Activity Remark
1. 2nd Aug, 2010 Visit to Joggers Park, Bandra(W). Students of TYBA visited to do their field work on oral history.
2. 12th Feb, 2011 Excursion to “Karnala Bird Centuary” and “Yusuf Meher Ali Centre”. A group of Student of FYBA, SYBA and TYBA along with Ms. Mariyah Gour and Mrs. Shaikh Shahida visited.
3. 20th Nov, 2011 Visit to National Park A group of Student of FYBA, SYBA and TYBA along with Ms. Mariyah Gour and Mrs. Shaikh Shahida visited.
4. 22nd – 26th Dec, 2012 Field Visit “Umergaon”. TYBA students visited along with Prof. Mariyah and Prof. Shahida.
5. 18th April, 2013 Field Visit “National Park”. FYBA students visited along with Prof. Mariyah and Prof. Shahida.
6. 7th Dec, 2013 Excursion to Elephanta Caves. Students of SYBA along with Prof. Mariyah Gour Ghori & Prof. Shaikh Shahida visited.
7. 18th to 19th Feb, 2014 Excursion to Union Territory of DADRA and NAGAR HAVELI. Students of SYBA along with Prof. Mariyah Gour Ghori & Prof. Shaikh Shahida visited.
8. 13th Dec 2014 Visit to Dharavi(Informal
Students of SYBA visited Dharavi (Informal Sector) along with Prof. Mariyah and Prof. Shahida.
9. 31st Jan-3rd Feb 2015 Excursion to UMERGAON Students of FYBA, SYBA & TYBA visited Umergaon along with Prof. Mariyah and Prof. Shahida
10. 28th July 2015 Field Trip to “Dr.Bhau Daji Lad Museum” Department organized a Field Trip to develop a critical thinking towards historical Research.
11. 12th Dec 2015 Excursion to Maharashtra Nature Park 28 Students along with Prof. Mariyah and Prof. Shahida visited to facilitate the relationship between nature and environment
12. 16th Dec 2015 Visit to “China Expo” Outsourcing 12 students of SYBA along with Prof. Mariyah
13. 16th Jan 2016 Study Tour to Elephenta Caves FY/SYBA 35 students along with faculties for sociology of Tourism


Competitions (Organized/ Participated)

Sr.No Date Activity Remark
1. 20th Dec, 2010 Poster Competition on “Gender issues”. Over 50 Students participated.
2. 18th Feb, 2011 Waste Management Competition The winners were awarded with certificates and tropies
3. 21st July, 2012 Felicitation of TYBA students. First Class students of Dept. of Sociology were felicitated.
4. 26th Sep, 2012 Participated in Intercollegiate competition on “Meri Beti Pyari Beti’. Qureshi Ateqa Parveen(FYBA)
Khan Mohammed(FYBMM)
5. 13th Dec, 2012 Avishkar Research Project “Stress and Stress related health problem among Students”. Qureshi Ateqa Parveen & Mustafa Rangwala presented.
6. 14th Dec, 2012 Paper Presentation in Andrews College on “Changing Rites of Passage: A Socio-Historical Perspective”. Qureshi Ateqa Parveen presented.
7. 28th Jan, 2013 Poster Competition on “Gender Sensitization”. More than 50 students participated.
8. 25th Oct, 2013 Essay Competition on “Digital Divide Pro-active Media and Changing Value System: At impact on Indian Youth”. Qureshi Ateqa Parveen participated in Essay Competition Organized by University of Mumbai.
9. 16th Dec, 2013 Poster Competition on “Gender Sensatization”. 35 students participated.
10. 28th Feb, 2014 Poster Making Competition on “Child Abuse”. Students participated in Poster Making Competition Organized by Additional Commissioner of Police.
11. 13th March 2015 Participated in Avishkar inter-university research convention 2014-15 Qureshi Ateqa, Mustafa Rangwala & Sana Akhtari participated.
12. 4th Aug 2015 “Talentueux- The Arts Festival” at Ratnam College of Arts, Science & Commerce. 9 students participated and Shaikh Sohed Bagged 3rd Prize in Patriotic Singing.
13. 25th Jan 2016 Poster competition 20 students participated


Tie-up or Linkages with other bodies or industries (Population First and Young Concepts)


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Teaching Plan for Academic Year 2016 - 2017
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Prof. Mariyah Gour FYBA II   Fundamentals Of Sociology Download
Prof. Shahida Shaikh FYBA I   Foundations Of Sociology Download
Prof. Shahida Shaikh FYBA II   Fundamentals Of Sociology Download
Prof. Mariyah Gour SYBA III   Sociology of India (301) Download
Prof. Shahida Shaikh SYBA IV   Sociology of Development (401) Download
Prof. Shahida Shaikh SYBA III   Human Development (302) Download
Prof. Mariyah Gour SYBA IV   Contemporary Issues In Indian Urban Society (402) Download
Prof. Mariyah Gour
Prof. Shahida Shaikh
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