Department of Mathematics and Statistics was established in 1985 – 1986.
Department offers Under Graduate Courses at First Year and Second Year Level of B. Sc. Mathematics in Science and First Year Level B. Com Mathematics and Statistics in Commerce as per the Course prescribed by University of Mumbai.
The Department is conducting the following Courses B.Com and B. Sc Degree programs.

F. Y. B. Com: Mathematical and Statistical Techniques at Semester I and Semester II
F. Y. B. Sc:  1) Mathematics Paper I -   Semester I: Calculus – I
Semester II: Calculus – II
2) Mathematics Paper II -   Semester I: Algebra – I
Semester II:   Linear Algebra
S. Y. B. Sc:  1) Mathematics Paper I      Semester III: Calculus – III
Semester IV: Calculus of Several Variables
2) Mathematics Paper II      Semester III:  Algebra – III
Semester IV: Algebra – IV  
3) Mathematics Paper III     Semester III: Discrete Mathematics
Semester IV:   Ordinary Differential Equations

Objectives of the Department: 

  • To recognize that Mathematics is an art as well as a powerful fundamental tool of science with limitless applications
  • To develop in the students self-confidence and persistence
  • To help the students in developing good habits of study and concentration
  • To help in maintaining previously learned concepts
  • To utilize the tools of latest technology
  • To provide the student with sufficient background for future success in the study of Mathematics and Statistics, both on a formal and independent study basis.

Faculties in the Dept

Name Qualification Designation Specialization No. of years of experience No. of Ph.D students guided for the last 4 years
Dr. Farooqui M. Z. M.Stat., M.Sc, Ph.D Principal Statistics 38 2
Mr.Arunachalam S. M.Sc, M.Phil Associate Professor Mathematics 25 -
Dr. Mrs. Anjum Ara Ahmad M.Sc, Ph.D.
Vice-Principal &
Associate Professor
Statistics & Demography 22 -
Dr. Parhad D.V. M.Sc, Ph.D, B.Ed Assistant Professor Statistical Inferences 7 -

Details of Department activities are given below in Tabular form.

Activity Dr.Farooqui Mr. Arunachalam Dr.(Mrs) Anjum A Dr.Parhad Total
Conferences/Seminar Presented Paper
1 3 6 1 11
National Conferences 4 5 10 1 20
Seminar - 2 - 2 4
Workshop/Conf. Attended 12 2 13 11 38
Subject Expert/VC Nominee/Appointments Committee/Etc.
Board Of Studies 3 (Chairperson in one) - - - 3
RRC (Univ. Of Mumbai) - - 1 - 1
Paper Setter/Moderator - - 2
(Chairperson in One)
- 2
Chief Guest/ Guest of Honour 14 - 1 - 15
ISO Auditor - - 1 - 1
NAAC  Advisory - - 3 - 3
Subject Expert/ Judge 5 - 9 - 14
VC Nominee 11 1                  1 - 13
LIC & Expert Committee 12
(Convener in 7)
- 2 - 14
Management Nominee 2 - - - 2
Member Scrutiny Committee 2 - - - 2
Member Selection Committee (CAS) 2 - 1 - 3
Referee for PhD 3 - -   3
Chairperson/Resource Person in Conference/ Seminar & Workshops
International 2   4   6
National 7 1 4 1 13
State/Univ. Level 5 - - - 5
International 8 1 10 ( 4 With Impact Factor) 1 20
National 1 1 2 - 4
Conference Proceedings 1 3 13 2 19
Books - - 1(International) - 1
Orientation/Refresher/Short Term Courses/ Etc.
Orientation - - - 1 1
Refresher - - - 1 1
Short Term - 1 2 - 3
Research Projects
Major 2(PI) & 1(CI) - - - 2
Minor 1(CI) 1(CI) 1( PI) 1( PI) 2
Editor in Research Journals
2 - 3   5
Research Guidance
Ph.D.  Guide Yes No Yes No 2

Our Star performers / Famous Alumni
Students are guided to present their research projects at various Competitions

  • Inter University Avishkar Convention organized by University of Mumbai: Many students have participated and won prizes at Zonal & University level
  • Due to the efforts taken by various teachers we managed to send sixteen groups to Inter-University Avishkar Research Convention held in Mumbai University. Our Student Mr. Mustafa Rangwala in the year 2012-13 won the first prize at the University Level in the Undergraduate Section of Commerce Faculty. He also represented Mumbai University at the Inter- University Level in Dapoli. He was felicitated by the Pro- Vice Chancellor Dr Naresh Chandra in a special function organised by University of Mumbai. Mr. Mustafa Rangwala was ably guided by Dr. (Mrs) Anjum Ara Ahmad.
  • In the year 2013-14 seven students took part in Avishkar Research Convention, Two Student of ours won the Gold Medal at the University level. One of our Student Mustafa Rangwala got the Runner's up Trophy in the Inter- University Research Convention organized by North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon in the Humanities Category at the Under Graduate level. He was felicitated by our Honourable Vice-Chancellor Dr Rajan Welukar in a special function organised by University of Mumbai. Mr. Mustafa Rangwala was ably guided by Dr. (Mrs) Anjum Ara Ahmad and Ms Mariyah Ghor Ghori. Mumbai University had also declared a scholarship of Rs 3000/- per month for ten months to Mustafa to fund his research project.
  • In the year 2014-15 again Sixteen students participated in Avishkar Research Convention. One student Miss. Alvani Sayyada Ali Raza won Zonal round at University level in Commerce & Management Category and one student Miss. Sana Firoz Akhtar Khan secured a 3rd Place in University round in Humanities category. Dr (Mrs) Anjum Ara Ahmad guided Mr Alvani Sayyada.
  • Six students from Undergraduate level and one student at the post graduate level participated in Avishkar Research Convention 2015-16 at the University. Two students Mr. Adil Shaikh and Mr. Mohsin Khan won at the Zonal Level(UG level)  both in Commerce & Management Category. Mr Adil Shaikh was trained by Dr (Mrs) Anjum Ara Ahmad. Mustafa Rangwala again won at the Zonal level in the Humanities Category (PG level). Mr. Mustafa Rangwala was guided by Dr (Mrs) Anjum Ara Ahmad & Mrs Mariyah Ghor Ghori.

Percentage of Results in last four years:

Program Subject/Paper 2012-2013 2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016
F.Y. B. Sc Maths – I 69.33 65.59 41.49 47.73
F.Y. B. Sc Maths – II 72.00 69.89 35.11 40.91
S.Y. B. Sc Maths – I 86.89 88.64 77.78 100.00
S.Y. B. Sc Maths – II 91.80 88.64 80.56 100.00
S.Y. B. Sc Maths – III 90.16 86.36 77.78 100.00
F.Y. B. Com Maths & Stats. 63.30 56.70 42.69 60.63

Degree College



Designation: Principal
Qualification: M.Stats. in Statistics, Ph.D. in Statistics
Experience (in years): 33
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Designation: Associate Professor
Qualification: M.Sc. (Mathematics), M. Phil. (Mathematics)
Experience (in years): 19
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Designation: Vice-Principal & Associate Professor
Qualification: Ph.D.(Arts) in Economics (Univ. of Mumbai), M.Sc. (Statistics, Univ. of Mumbai), M.P.S. (IIPS, Deemed University, Deonar), DCM (JBIMS, University of Mumbai), SET (Pune).
Experience (in years): 17
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Designation: Assistant Professor
Qualification: M.Sc. ,B.Ed., Ph.D
Experience (in years): 2
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Seminar/Workshops organized
a) National:
(1) Organised a National level ICSSR Workshop on “Research Methodology and Data Analysis    Using SPSS for Social Sciences” held on Wednesday 11th March 2015 to 20th March 2015 funded by ICSSR. Thirty students (which included 20 outstation participants) attended the program.
Course Director: Dr Anjum Ara Ahmad.
(2)  UGC Sponsored Two Day National Level Conference on “Application of Statistics in Commerce, Economics & Social Sciences” Organized on 8th &9th January 2016. The Conference was funded by UGC and we also collaborated with JJT University. About 140 participants from all over India attended the program with one participant from abroad.
Convenors: Dr M Z Farooqui & Dr (Mrs) Anjum Ara Ahmad.

(3) A two day workshop was organized on 1st and 2nd February 2013 in collaboration with SPSS Inc. Bangalore on “Use of SPSS in Research Methodology for Social Sciences”. The workshop saw a tremendous participation from 157 research scholars and faculties across nineteen States. Three international scholars also attended the same.
Convenors: Dr M Z Farooqui, Co-Convenor: Dr (Mrs) Anjum Ara Ahmad

(4) Dr Anjum Ara Ahmad was a member in the organising Committee of UGC Sponsored National Conference “Modern Trends in Zoology” organized from 20th to 22nd December 2012.
(5) Dr Anjum Ara Ahmad  was in organizing a two day UGC sponsored National Seminar on 17th-18th December, 2015 on “Mirza Dabeer Personality and Art”.

b) International:  
Dr. (Mrs) Anjum Ara Ahmad was in the organizing committee of an International Conference organized by Urdu Department on 15th February 2015 (Funded by the Management)

Guest lecturers organized:

  • Every year the department organizes guest lecturers for students studying in first year by Professionals.
  • The Department in coordination with IQAC has also organized lectures to promote research in college.

Name of Eminent Guests/ Famous personalities who visited the department

Names Institute / Organization
Dr. Kuldeep Kumar Professor, Bond University, Australia
Dr. Sanket Vij Director, B.P.S Women University, Sonipet
Dr. Suresh.K.Sharma Professor, Punjab University, Chandigarh
Dr. Bhavani Prasad Professor, HOD, Kakatiya University, Warangal
Dr. Ashwani Bhalla Professor, SCD Govt. College, Ludhiyana
Dr. Besavaraj Benni Chairman, VSK University, Bellary, Karnataka
Dr. Meenakshi Gupta Professor, IIT, Mumbai
Dr. Anil Sutar & Dr. D.P.Singh TISS, Mumbai
Dr. Shailendra Deolankar Joint Director, Higher Education, Mumbai
Dr. Urmila Devi Joint Director, UGC Joint Secretary, New Delhi
Dr. Sachin Vernekar Director & Dean, IMED, BV University, Pune
Dr. S. Indumathi VC, Davangere University, Karnataka
Dr. Rajan Welukar VC, University of Mumbai
Dr. Furqan Qamar VC, Central Univ. of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla
Dr. Mohd. Akbar Ali Khan VC, Telangana University, Telangana
Dr. Vinod Tibrewala Chancellor, JJTU, Rajasthan


Sr/No Consultant Name / Dept Area of Consultancy
01 Dr. M Z Farooqui Application Research Tools/ IT/ NAAC Accreditation
02 Dr. (Mrs)  Anjum Ara Ahmad NAAC Accreditation, Research Methodology & Data Analysis

Report on UGC Sponsored Two Day National Level Conference on
“Application of Statistics in Commerce, Economics & Social Sciences” Organised on 8th &9th January 2016

A Two Day UGC Sponsored National Level Workshop held on 1st and 2nd Feb 2013 entitled “Uses of SPSS in Research Methodology for Social Sciences”

Ten Day ICSSR Sponsored National Level Workshop Research Methodology Workshop from 11th to 20th March 2015 organized by Rizvi College of Arts, Science & Commerce, Mumbai

Teaching Plan for Academic Year 2016 - 2017
Faculty Name Class Div SEM Subject Teaching Plan
Dr. (Mrs.) Anjum Ara Ahmad FYBCom A, B I & II Mathematical and Statistical Techniques Download
Dr. (Mrs.) Anjum Ara Ahmad FYBCom C I & II Mathematical and Statistical Techniques Download
Prof. S. ARUNACHALAM FYBCom C,D,E I & II Mathematical and Statistical Techniques Download
Dr. (Mrs.) Anjum Ara Ahmad FYBCom E I & II Mathematical and Statistical Techniques Download
Dr. (Mrs.) Anjum Ara Ahmad S.Y.B.Sc. PM / MCS III Discrete Mathematics (USMT 303) Download
Dr. (Mrs.) Anjum Ara Ahmad S.Y.B.Sc. PM / MCS IV Ordinary Differential Equations (USMT 403) Download