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Date: 4th March 2023

On the pleasant morning of 4th March, 2023, Our College hosted Annual Prize Distribution for Academic Year 2021-2022. The event began with an inaugural ceremony presented by hosts Deputy General Secretary Sana Dhamaskar & Sana Ansari from class SYBA, followed by our audience standing in attention for the National Anthem, after which Principal Dr Ashfaq Khan, escorted our guests for lamp lighting ceremony Chief Guest Dr. Md Shamshad Alam I R S and Guest of Honour CA Faheem Ansari, delighted by the presence of the dignitaries present with us, we planned on giving our event a soulful start, we played a beautiful surah because indeed, prayer is not just asking, it's the longing of the soul, to grace the event our Vice Principal Dr. Parhad Dattatraya gave his welcome address to our esteemed guests, student awardees and proud parents. Then we began with the felicitation of students firstly by Principal Dr Ashfaq Khan, then CA Faheem Ansari, then by Dr. Md Shamshad Alam, our guests shared their inspirational and motivating thoughts, which fostered a spirit of positivity among all students, Dr. Shamshad Alam emphasized the importance of scheduling our day for our success and to live life in a meaningful way after which the Vice Principal of Junior College Shabbudin Shaikh proposed the vote of thanks and with which we reached the culmination of our ceremony, we had with us total 62 awardees in which we had this special prize this year for best student of the year on the basis of attendance, academics, extra curricular activities and personal interview.