The department of Botany got its laboratory recognized ,by the University of Mumbai since the year 2012 under the headship of Mrs Neha Nangia for enrolling the students to do Ph.D. in Botany .Dr Nitesh has enrolled 4 students to do Ph.D out of which 2 have been awarded with the degrees.

The department has completed one major research project under the UGC scheme by Dr Nitesh Joshi and one funded by the university, one Minor by Mrs. Neha Nangia .The laboratory tis well equipped to do research in ecological, physiology and other areas. Currently work is being done on dust pollution , noise and heavy metal pollution. The laboratory is well equipped with the state of the art technology in the thrust research areas. Noise level meters, digital balance, spectrophotometers, modern microscope’s etc. Internet and Computer facility provided to the students in Botany department. The laboratory has an dedicated instrument room .The department has published and presented more than 40 publications in the past five years. The laboratory is also awaiting the acknowledgment from the University to enroll students to do M.Sc. by research in Botany.