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It is a matter of great pride for the youth of the Maharashtra State that, the Office of the Chancellor has initiated four major events in the interest of the student community in various fields. The Avishkar, a State Level Inter-University Research Convention is one of the most prestigious events among those.

The purpose of initiating the organization of “Avishkar” every year by the Chancellor’s office is to provide a platform for youth from the various Universities and extending the helping hands to understand the research attitude and acquiring the scientific knowledge thus transforming for the cause of development. This will also educate youth and teachers to understand their responsibility towards societal development.

The Avishkar Research Convention is designed by Department of Students’ Development, University of Mumbai, with the intention to develop a research culture and scientific temper among the students, scholars and teachers from under-graduate to doctoral level in the state of Maharashtra. The activity also aims at helping to develop skill, review new dimensions of explored areas of knowledge as well as the unexplored areas of enquiry. It is a collective responsibility to sensitize the students and teachers about the convention and build confidence among them to venture into research.

The Research culture should be created amongst the students of our college, with this view the Special committee was formed by Our the then Principal Dr. Farooqui, in the academic Year 2013-14. Initially the committee was headed by Dr. Anjum Ara Ahmed and then it is co-ordinated by Prof. Vishwas Deshmukh. Every year students are motivated to participate in the Avishkar competititon at different levels and categories. The research mentors guide the research scholars in different projects as mentioned in the guidelines declared by University of Mumbai time to time.

Objectives of the Committee

  • The main objective of the committee was to develop research culture amongst the students
  • To identify the hidden innovative scientific talents and capacities of students
  • To provide opportunities for inculcating research attitude in the students and teachers
  • To create academically sound youth by developing knowledge, skill and attitude of research
  • To promote aptitude with emphasis on high standards of research and development activities for the benefit of students and teachers
  • To explore the active student centred paradigm of education
  • To open new channels of scholarly research between faculty and students
  • To excel active learning standards of research
  • To develop personality and communication skills among the students
  • To produce a research scholars commensurate with the need of future
  • To promote the interaction among the students for the exchange of various aspects of research by organizing collegiate and inter-collegiate research activities
  • To encourage the students to participate in research activities at inter-collegiate, district, university and state levels
  • To felicitate and recognize students’ achievements by offering awards and honours


The committee every year conducts orientation program to provide guidelines to students and teachers who wish to participate. The members of the committee through orientation explains the importance of AVISHKAR competition and motivate them to take part in the competition. The research mentors prepare their students for the competition and their entries are sent through online portal provided by the University


The student participants are able to understand the Research and many terminologies of research. The students are motivated and more confident to participate in the research competition.

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