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Compulsory : 3 papers

  • Communication Skills in English
  • Foundation Course I
  • Any One language : Urdu / Hindi

Group A: Select any 2: (B) Optional: 3 papersEconomics-1 / Sociology-1 / Philosophy-1

Group B: Select any 1English Lit. / Hindi lit. / Urdu lit.-Paper-1




  • Six Papers of 75 Marks each of 2 1/2 hrs
  • Every subject has:
    Duration out of the optional subject offered
    • Theory of 75 marks of 2 and ½ hrs.
      at the SYBA Examination. Durations and Any one of the following:
    • Internal of 25 marks.
      • Economics Separate passing in Theory and Internal is
      • Sociology necessary.
  • The following combinations of two subjects of three papers each are also allowed at the TYBA provided the student had offered the same at SYBA level. Teaching Plan