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Recent Events

Departments of Information Technology and Computer Science organized an Intra-Collegiate Project Competition on 10th December, 2022 in the Computer Science Lab.

The competition was between B.Sc. I.T. and B.Sc. C.S students under two categories-second year and third year.

The competition was organized so as to encourage students to practically apply whatever they have learned in I.T. and develop a working project. For the competition, preliminary rounds that were conducted earlier in the month to shortlist the candidates. A total of 10 teams from third year and 21 teams from second year participated in the final rounds on the competition day.

The projects ranged from Websites, Online Portals, Mobile Apps, Desktop Assistants, Games, Smart Cars and Robots.

The judges for the event were Dr. Saravanan Reddy from Chetana College and Dr. Saima Shaikh from Maharashtra College. Teachers from other departments also visited the lab and saw and appreciated the wonderful projects made by students. Words of encouragement from our dear Principal I/C Dr. Ashfaq Khan boosted the confidence of the participants.