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Date: 28th September, 2021

The Department of Chemistry has organised a Webinar on ‘Yog & Pranayam’ by Dr.Mayuri Joshi- A certified yoga trainer and Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry at Maharashtra College of Arts, Science and Commerce-Mumbai on Tuesday,28th September 2021 at 5 pm.

The resource person highlighted various aspects and the diverse types of Pranayam like Anulom Vilom, Kapal bhati, Bhranari, Shitali - together with its health benefits and a live demo. She discussed a few research papers published in various reputed journals on ‘The effect of slow and fast Pranayam on Cognitive functions in Healthy Volunteers , effect of Pranayam on rate pressure in mild hypertensives, Modified Bhramari Pranayama in Covid-19 infections.

The Webinar was attended by thirty participants.

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