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An interactive session was organized Insurance on “Resume Building” on 12th February, 2021 for the students of first year, second year and third year Bachelor of Commerce-Banking and Insurance (BBI) by Ms. Milina Pereira Assistant Professor at Dr. BMN College of Home Science, having more than twenty years of teaching experience. The said guest lecture was scheduled at 11:00 am till 12:00 noon, on Google Meet. The total number of attendees was 68 inclusive of all three years, degree course.

The session started with the discussion of need for a properly drafted resume. She explained the key factors which can make the resume look impressive to the interviewer like leadership, teamwork etc. It was also explained that the career objective should be stated clear and simple. The student should be clear about his/her objective to join any company and about life goals too. She further said that the students should highlight IT Sills in the resume to make it look impressive and be clarified that the academic section in the resume should be in table form. While submitting the resume one should take care that the resume should not be more than one page.The lecture ended with discussion and through question and answer session.