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Date: 18th February to 20th February, 2022

Rizvi College NCC Unit collaborated with SIES College NCC Unit and GN Khalsa College NCC Unit for the SSB Capsule ie. SSB Guidence lecture series, organized by SIES College NCC Unit from 18th February to 20th February 2022.

20 Cadets of the Rizvi College NCC Unit and 6 Ex Cadets of the Rizvi College NCC Unit participated in the same.

Col. Kataria (Sena Medal), Ex psychologist SSB Allahabad, SS Mentors SSB training was the Resource Person. The topics covered in the lecture series were - Understanding of selection process, five days SSB schedule, Officer like qualities and how to improve OLQs, how to set your goals, clear myths about SSB, question and answer session.